Assessment of the Effectiveness of Electronic Educational Systems

Document Type : Research Paper


This research reviews and analyzes an electronic educational system aiming at evaluation and assessment of its real effectiveness in terms of its four main components, including: technology and support, instructor, course of study, and learners. Using survey method, this applied research is carried out in Sapco. It mainly applied questionnaires along with observation and interviews to collect data. The validity of this research had already been affirmed through a similar research. Yet, because of its localization, it was referred to experts of electronic education to assess its validity. The reliability of the questionnaire was assessed through Cronbach's alpha. Cluster sampling method was used to make sample group-test compared to a given figure and mathematical relations appropriate to the research model. The results indicated that the highest effectiveness is devoted to the content of the course of study and self-evaluation of the learners. Yet, technological support needed to be improved. Facilities such as improving the quality of technology and having access to online virtual instructor can be helpful in improving the whole system to have better effectiveness.